AWS IoT Greengrass V2 Workshop


What is Greengrass

AWS IoT Greengrass is an Internet of Things (IoT) open source edge runtime and cloud service that helps you build, deploy, and manage device software. Customers use AWS IoT Greengrass for their IoT applications on millions of devices in homes, factories, vehicles, and businesses. You can program your devices to act locally on the data they generate, execute predictions based on machine learning models, filter and aggregate device data, and only transmit necessary information to the cloud.

AWS IoT Greengrass lets you quickly and easily build intelligent device software enabling local processing, messaging, data management, ML inference, and offers pre-built components to accelerate application development. AWS IoT Greengrass also provides a secure way to seamlessly connect your edge devices to any AWS service as well as to third-party services.

The following diagram shows how an AWS IoT Greengrass device interacts with the AWS IoT Greengrass cloud service and other AWS services in the AWS Cloud. Architecture

As AWS IoT Greengrass version 2 is open source you can find source code here

You will be charged for the AWS services that you are using in the workshop. For exploring AWS products take a look at the AWS Free Tier.