What you are going to build

What Will You Build

In this workshop we will build following architecture by utilising a virtual environment, where we will build an edge gateway running AWS IoT Greengrass Core software v2. You will learn:

  • Deploy and set up AWS IoT Greengrass Core software v2
  • Deploy and Run a sample lambda component
  • Create a Custom component for Inter-process communication (IPC) at edge:
    • Develop and deploy a Publisher component
    • Develop and deploy a Subscriber component
  • Create custom component using AWS Lambda to take the edge data from IPC to AWS IoT Core
  • Setup an MQTT bridge on AWS IoT Greengrass v2


Region to advance hands-on

Use the region where AWS IoT Greengrass is available. Unless otherwise instructed, please use the Ireland region. For other available regions, please refer to this List.

Prerequisites for recommending this hands-on

  • You must have access to an AWS account for which you have Administrator Access privileges
  • You can work on a PC that can use the latest version of Chrome / FireFox browser

Check the region

After logging in to the AWS console, select the region specified in the region at the top right of the screen (unless otherwise instructed, proceed in the Ireland region). Make sure to use the same region for subsequent work.

Region confirmation

To return to the top menu, select the “AWS” icon in the upper left to return to the top menu. Since this workshop uses multiple services, you can proceed efficiently by opening it in another tab and working on it.

The code and artifacts are provided under MIT-0 license and more details can be found here

The description is based on the current execution result of February 2021, but please note that the AWS console screen and messages may have changed since then, so don’t be alarmed and use your intuition - we are here for you.