Greengrass setup

Please make sure you have setup AWS CLI credentials correctly prior to proceeding here as directed in earlier section.

AWS IoT Greengrass V2 setup

  1. From the management console, click AWS IoT Core
  2. From the left menu, click Greeengrass->Getting started
  3. Click Set up one core device
  4. From [Step 1: Register the Greengrass core device], enter the core device name, Use default given name.
  5. Continue with the default settings for Step 2: Add to Group of Things and Apply Continuous Deployment
  6. Keep this browser window open


Run the installer on Cloud9 environment

  1. Copy the installer download command from the Greengrass setup page, paste it into your Cloud9 environment terminal and run it. Greengrass

  2. Copy the installer execution command from the Greengrass setup page, paste it into the terminal of the Cloud9 environment, and execute it.


Detail information for installation command arguments can be found here

  1. Wait for the installation to complete. This process takes a few moments for the script to run and some further few minutes to complete the installation. When the script has finished, execute the following Greengrass CLI command and if the version is displayed, it is successful.
/greengrass/v2/bin/greengrass-cli -V

If you get this response…

bash: /greengrass/v2/bin/greengrass-cli: No such file or directory

Please wait a minute longer and retry.

If problem persist please follow steps here and see section To deploy the Greengrass CLI component (console)

Check status of AWS IoT Greengrass

To check status of the service

sudo systemctl status greengrass.service

To enable service to start at boot

sudo systemctl enable greengrass.service

You will be able to run these commands provided in AWS IoT Greengrass setup in prior step you used --setup-system-service true parameter for installation (by default its provided by AWS when you copy paste this from AWS IoT Greengrass installation screen), you can find more details of supported commands here

This installation command deploys the Greengrass command line interface (CLI) to the device in addition to the Greengrass core components. You can use the Greengrass CLI to develop and debug the components of your core device. For details on how to use the Greengrass CLI, see here.