Clean up

Deleting resources

For accounts that are not used by hands-on, some resources may be affected if deleted by mistake. Please be sure to check carefully before deleting.

Delete IAM User and Policy

Please delete IAM user created earlier in the workshop i.e. workshop_user_delete_later by going into IAM console and select user and hit delete user. From IAM dashboard click Policies and search for workshop_policy_delete_later and select the policy and under Policy actions select Delete. Also delete the workshop user we created earlier. Please also find and delete policy bridgeMQTT which was created under MQTT Bridge section of the lab E. Dont forget to also delete our custom inline policy following similar steps as above delete policy GreengrassV2TokenExchangeRoleCustomPolicy.

Delete certificates

Please find certificates ID stored /etc/mosquitto/certs/cert-id.txt here and cross search that in AWS IoT Core console > Secure > Certificates and delete it.

Open the AWS IoT Core console

  • Under AWS IoT
    • Core Device select the device and Hit delete on top right.
    • Under Thing groups delete GreengrassQuickStartGroup
    • Delete things under Manage > Things i.e. Thing name would be similar to this GreengrassQuickStartCore-xxxxxxxx
    • Under Policies > delete GreengrassV2IoTThingPolicy and GreengrassTESCertificatePolicyGreengrassV2TokenExchangeRoleAlias
    • Under Secure > Role Aliases delete GreengrassV2TokenExchangeRoleAlias


Open the Lambda console, check the Lambda function you created this time, and delete it with Action> Delete in the upper right.

S3 Clean up

  1. Navigate to the S3 console and locate the component bucket you used in the lab earlier.
  2. Empty the component bucket.
  3. Delete the component bucket.

Delete instructions for Cloud9

  1. Navigate to Cloud9 console and locate the environment you created earlier i.e. ggcworkshop-xxxxxxxx
  2. Select the environment and click Delete.

This completes the deletion of the resource created for the workshop.